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Fourteen Holy Helpers of the Catholic Church

Holy helpers

Name Alternate Feast Day Patronage
Barbara - 4 December Against fever and sudden death, against lightning and fire, and against sudden and violent death at work; patron of builders, artillerymen, and miners
Catherine of Alexandria - 25 November Against sudden death and diseases of the tongue; patron of philosophers, theologians, maidens, female students, preachers, the dying, wheelwrights, mechanics, potters, and other artisans who work with wheels; invoked by students, orators, preachers, and lawyers for wise counsel and for eloquence
Denis Dionysius 9 October Against headache and against demonic possession
Eustace Eustachius, Eustathius 20 September Against family discord, against fire (temporal and eternal), and patron of hunters, trappers, and anyone facing trouble
Giles Aegidius 1 September Against plague, epilepsy, mental illness, and nightmares, for a good confession, and patron of cripples, beggars, blacksmiths, and breast-feeding mothers
Cyriacus - 8 August Against temptation on the death-bed, diseases of the eye, and demonic possession
Pantaleon Panteleimon 27 July Patron of physicians and midwives, invoked for the protection of domestic animals, and invoked against cancer and tuberculosis
Christopher Christophorus 25 July Against bubonic plague and dangers while traveling
Margaret of Antioch - 20 July Patron of women in childbirth, invoked against backache, and invoked for escape from devils
Vitus Guy 15 June Against epilepsy, chorea, lightning, the bites of animals (especially those who were venomous or rabid), and storms, and for protection of domestic animals
Erasmus Elmo 2 June Against intestinal ailments, stomach ailments, for domestic animals, and patron of sailors
Agathius Acacius 7 May Against headache
George Georgius 23 April For the health of domestic animals, against herpetic diseases, and patron of soldiers
Blaise Blase, Blasius 3 February Against illness of the throat and for protection of domestic animals
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