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OUR LADY OF SNOWS - PRAY FOR US | புனித தஸ்நேவிஸ் மாதாவே - எங்களுக்காக வேண்டிகொள்ளுங்கள்

Choir of Angels in the Catholic Church

First Triad- Contemplate and Adore God Directly


ISIAH 6: 1-7

6 wings - 2 cover feet, 2 cover face, and 2 for flying

Name means the burning ones, and they are Attendants at the Holy Throne of God. They praise God singing "Holy Holy is the Lord of Hosts!"

Seraphim Angels


EXD 25:18-21, EZK 10:14, REV 4-6

4 faces and 4 wings - 2 cover feet and 2 for flying

Name means the Fullness of Wisdom, and they are Contemplate God's providence. Assigned to protect special places.

Cherubim Angels


EZK 10:17, COL 1:16, DAN 7:9

Flaming, Rotating rings covered with Eyes

Represent the stead fastness of the love of God. The Contemplate God's power and judgment, and they appear as most unlike the others when revealed.

Throne Angels

Second Triad- Fulfil God's plan in the Universe


EPH 1:21, COL 1:16

Lord over the lower choirs and humanity. They take illumination from the higher hierarchies and govern the universe.

Dominions Angels


EPH 1:21

Run the operation of movement in the universe. They are often associated with planets, elements, seasons and nature.

Virtues Angels


EPH 3:10, EPH 6:12

Assist in governing the natural order. They are warror angles tasked with fighting the war against the demonic choirs.

Powers Angels

Third Triad- Interact & serve humanity closely


EPH 3: 10, EPH 1:21

Princes of the lowest triad assigned to care and guard communities,kingdoms, states, and parishes. They are associated with transitions in power.

Principalities Angels


JUDE 9, 1 THES 4:16 TOB

Leader angels assigned to communicate and carry out God's important plans for man. Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael are the only 3 names we know.



LUK 22:43, MAT 18:10,HEB 13:2

Angels are closest to the material world and humanity. The lowest choir is where we get the majority of our personal guardian angels.

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